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All villager's with the same personality type are exactly the same, but I found myself liking a personality a lot more if the villager's appearance is nice too. An example is, I had Paula in my town and didn't like her at all and always thought all Uchi's were rude like her. Now I got Muffy which I adore and don't think of her as rude at all. So don't tell me a villager's appearance isn't important. It makes a lot of difference with their facial expressions and whole look alone.

Your point is valid but also


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i made a new skyrim character whose main goal in life is to steal all of the cheese in skyrim for herself


she hasn’t gotten very far yet but she’s off to a good start


three cities worth of cheese… i’d call that progress

this is my legacy

first the crayons, now the cheese

this is how i will be remembered


^This makes it.

I am at a place called ‘the potting shed’ where the chips come with tomato jam and everything is a pun.

This is heaven for hipsters. I am in hell.