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I don’t understand slayer

looks like we’ve got ourselves a city slicker

I’m hurt y’all’d call me a city slicker

i sdont even know how to respond to this is tried googling disapproving farmer stock photo and im getting nothing.this post is over you win this time city slicker

By the Nine! This…. This ended beautifully.

Tumblr Logic

Always reblog this thing about depression and how its important to be there for people and know the signs, always.

Tumblr user displays “attention seeking behaviour” and posts about suicide.

"They’re just a typical attention seeking teenager" etc.

Hmmm, if a person is going to great lengths for attention… maybe something is wrong?

You might be stoic, you might take the professional route, you might have somehow magically pulled yourself out of it… but depression, anxiety, every other damn mental illness and EVEN JUST INTENSE SADNESS OR STRESS affects everyone differently.

You don’t have to do anything to help, you make your own decision. But maybe rethink sending hate, going off at them, lecturing or giving them advice in a condescending manner?

I don’t have solutions, but I can tell you that negative attention is not going to help.